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­- the Mistaketionary for Learners of English
This book of words and phrases in English contains 101 mistakes, which are often made by both beginners and advanced speakers. Sometimes, the awareness of the incorrect use may even be surprising.
Each word (or phrase) is listed as an example of a 'Wrong' and 'Right' use. In all entries, their proper use is explained from the point of view of etymology (origin of words), phonetics (pronunciation), morphology (grammatical forms), or syntax (the structure of sentences).
This e-book may become a must for students, teachers, beginners and advanced learners. You will get rid of frequent mistakes in English when preparing for language exams, during self-study, or in everyday communication.


Available in editions:    English - English,  English - German,  English - Czech

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­- a guide for teachers
This e-book serves primarily as a guide for devotees who are interested in involving modern technology in teaching. Mobile phones and tablets are nowadays a common part of everyday life for pupils, so why not use this state and not bring lessons to the modern world of the pupil. However, the use of mobile devices in teaching must have their own rules and work with them must be meaningful.­
After reading this book, any teacher should be free to handle the professional involvement of mobile devices in any lesson.
Part of the income from this book is donated to the high school in Western Cape, South Africa.­

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